Ranks Name Date of Birth
Commissioner G. Kim Chang Yong Nov. 18, 1964


1983 Busan Gaya Highschool
1988 B.A in Law, Korean National Police University

Work Experience

Work Experience
Major Career
2006. 12. Director, Foreign Affairs Division, Busan Metropolitan Police Agency
2007.   1. Chief, Yeongi Police Station, Chungnam Provincial Police Agency
2008.   3. Director, Intelligence Division 1, Korean National Police Agency
2009.   2. Police Attaché, Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Sao Paulo
2012.   5. Chief, Eunpyung Police Station, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
2014.   1. Director, Women’s and Juvenile Affairs Division, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency
2014. 12. Director General 1, Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency
2015.   7. Police Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the USA
2018.   3. Director General, Community Safety Bureau, Korean National Police Agency
2018. 12. Commissioner, Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency
2019.   7. Commissioner, Busan Metropolitan Police Agency
2020.   7. Commissioner General, Korean National Police Agency