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Police Offices

Organization of National Police Agency

The Korean National Police Agency is led by Commissioner General and consists of 1 Deputy Commissioner General, 8 Bureaus, 8 Director Generals and 47 Divisions.
In detail, the Public Safety Bureau, Criminal Investigation Bureau (Deputy Director General for Criminal Investigation), Cyber Bureau, Traffic Bureau and Foreign Affairs Bureau are responsible for keeping public order, the Public Security Bureau, Intelligence Bureau (Deputy Director General for Intelligence) and National Security Bureau are in charge of maintaining public security, and the Spokesperson, Director General for Planning & Coordination, Director General for Police Administration & Personnel, Director General for Audit and Inspection and Director General for ICT Management & Equipment are in charge of administrative affairs.

● Subsidiary facilities include the 4 training institutes of Korean National Police University, Police Training Institute,    Central Police Academy and Police Investigation Academy and 1 executive agency, the National Police Hospital.
● In addition, there are 17 local police agencies in metropolitan cities and provinces to divide local security duties,    and 251 police stations and 1,981 substations affiliated with these local police agencies.
● Organization: 1 Deputy Commissioner General, 8 Bureaus, 8 Director Generals, 47 Divisions.