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The symbol of the Korean National Police (KNP), which was newly created on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of their founding, takes the shape of Steller's sea eagle flying up to the sky with holding the rose of Sharon.

Steller's sea eagle, the scales on the neck, and the rose of Sharon represents "police", "balance" and "the state and the people" respectively.

Replacing the former symbol, an eagle, with the steller's sea eagle, which is an native Korean bird, means the Korean police could keep the traditional name value of the police and shed off the negative connotations of the former symbol which had been created under the military administration of the U.S. Army in 1947.

"A configuration of the strong will of the police to lead the nation to the advanced Korea by protecting the nation and by providing the best

Overall form

The new police symbol, selected in time for the 60th anniversary of the police, is a configuration of an eagle(the police) holding the rose of Sharon(the nation and the people), and flying high up in the sky. It means the police will provide the nation and people with protection and "the best security service" and strongly resolves to become a player that leads the effort of Korea to become an even more advanced country.


The distinguished and strong characteristics of the eagle have been configured to
01. Stress strength and courage through the realistic beak shape
02. Express the accurate insight of police who look into all areas for security by expressing large and sharp eyes 03. Express the always ready attitude of the police to react quickly anytime to the demands of the people by the upward pointing feathers on the head of the eagle

Rose of Sharon

The yin and yang sign in the middle of the rose of Sharon is the origin of all things and signifies "the Republic of Korea and its people," and each of the five flower petals surrounding the symbol signify the five values the police pursue - loyalty, trust, strength, justice, and humanity.


On the shoulders of the eagle, there are
① a scale and ② a balance beam to configure the shape of balance, and stress "fairness."
This expresses the firm will of the Korean police not to waver from any outside pressure as a legal executor, and realize "justice" through fair legal executions.